What attracts fish the most

1 The best time to fish is around sunset or sunrise office prefer feeding different these different times but more likely it’s either as the sun comes up or as the sun goes down in that Twilight sun area the fish can see a lot better in those times in the center of the day it casts a shadow and they get spotted easier so they like to sleep in the middle of the day

2 look for structures or breaks in the water temperatures where the upwelling of nutrients will come to feed the fish if you’re fishing in a River or around structures the fish like to hide in the shade and look for the fish that are in the sunlight because they light up and it attracts them so either around structures or if you’re in the ocean around anything like kelp anything floating the fish will be in the shade or in between breaks in water temperatures

What attracts fish the most

3 When drift fishing you want to chum for the water with a mixture of blood and fish and guts and all the parts that you don’t use chop up and turn into chum soon as your chum slick starts getting bigger and bigger the animals and fish that are predatory will smell it miles away and come pouring in to get whatever you offer them for bait

  • Smell
  • Flashy colors
  • motion
  • taste

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