How To Catch Big Fish

how to catch big fish from shore
  1. how to catch big fish from shore
  2. how to catch big fish on the pier
  3. how to catch big fish in a river
how to catch big fish from shore

how to catch big fish from shore

How to catch big fish from shore it’s totally possible I like to use 40-pound test monofilament a #3 circle hook I use a bailing real so I can cast out as far as possible sometimes I use kites to get my bait out use live bait usually mackerel or sardines depending upon the time of year

here I caught 120-pound wahoo right off the shore Merritt rolling the shores looking for baitfish anywhere you find baitfish you’ll find the large predatory fish the trophy fish that you’re looking to bite.

This took 45 minutes plus to land this fish it was a hell of a fight I thought I was going to ┬álose it many times have to be careful on the slippery rocks when you’re fighting 120-pound wahoo there Are many dangers in this kind of fishing mostly keeping the wife happy

She will be smelling you to make sure you smell like fish so make sure you rub some fresh bait on you so she knows you really went fishing There’s more to catching the big one than keeping the wife happy you gotta give her the big one too wah-hoo is what I’m talking about show love fish mine eats it raw how to catch big fish on the pier

I’ll tell you about the fishing trip that we went on me and my wife a day and a half on the worst little boat in the world it wasn’t much bigger than the boat that crashed on Gilligan’s island

How to catch big fish from the pier you don’t need a fishing license when you fish off the pier.

How to catch big fish from the pier you don’t need a fishing license when you fish off the pier.
there’s lots of baitfish that always swarm around structures like Pierce and sunken structures rocks alcoves sunken ships and wherever there’s baitfish there’s larger fish that feed on the baitfish

how to catch big fish on the pier the best times to go Is in the early morning how to catch big fish on the pier evening or even night fishing is good in the middle of the day the light is not so great to penetrate straight down and they go deeper on the bottom fish along the bottom of the ocean.
you’ll need heavyweights usually one ounce or more if the surf is very big .a a lot of times I like to scrounge for bait that’s around the rocks little stone crabs or shrimp the stinkier the better.
how to catch big fish on the pier so you can use any kind of pole and real that you like whatever is cheap and economical I like to use a 15-pound test around structures off peers .make sure you have your pliers filet knife 5-gallon bucket had a great attitude to catch wonderful fish. how to catch big fish on the pier

how to catch big fish on the pier

how to catch big fish in a river

What is the best bait to use for river fishing?

How do you catch a fish in a river?

How do you fish in a large river?

What attracts fish the most?

how to catch big fish in a river
how to catch big fish in a river

What is the best bait for a River fishing

What is the best bait for a River fishing well if you can get it live bait is the best like earthworms nightcrawlers crickets are great if you can buy them in sure yeah your feed store they’re like $5 a pound for crickets and they kick around in the water that fish can’t resist if you can’t get live bait.
then get something the best stinkiest you can chicken livers you can buy at the grocery store but you need to use pantyhose and wrapped the chicken livers in the pantyhose betide in a knot before you bait your hook otherwise delivers will just fall off so if you start stealing your wife’s pantyhose you can try to explain doors for the chicken livers to catch big catfish so take any of the chicken livers from the grocery store at about a three by three square of pantyhose rap the chicken liver in there and tighten and not and I freeze him the night before so I can just grab him the also messy bait the hook drop it in with quarter oz to an ounce lure I mean wait and then it’s just waiting but once that chicken liver starts to dissolve in the water it makes the oil slick did the catfish can’t resist

how to catch big fish in a river

Most people use a rod and reel to catch fish in a River but you can hand gather like they call noodling
you can use a net and they were pretty good there are a few different kinds of Nets
There’s handline fishing were you just use a fishing line without a pole
ancient people used to use traps where they build rock structures and the fish would go up in the structures and as the tide would go out the fish would be trapped in the traps there are lots of modern versions of the trap fishing and that’s another technique
some people use blast fishing or they use some kind of explosive to blow up the water the the the fish are knocked out and float up and they just go around in a boat and pick him up with a net

there’s also electric fishing where you use electricity to stun the pretty cool fish it’s called calling up the fish they used to use those hand-cranked telephones from World War Two and they would drop the phone line down there and crank it up and then call that calling up the fish

Using electricity is kinda like cheating in some states is not allowed so you probably should check with your local fishing game and see if electricity fishing is allowed in your state sure is fun

What attracts fish the most?

Food is what they are looking for all the time

What attracts fish that’s the question anglers have been asking for years. OK, it’s pretty simple if going for a topwater fish. use something bright and shiny and blue silver are the top colors for topwater feeding. for deeper water, you’re using lures darker and deeper in the water you know wanna use Reds and oranges for deeper water

now if you’re going for a deeper fish or fish that uses its smell you gonna wanna use something stinky and oily and chum the water unless you’re in a River but the stinkier the better the oilier the better if you’re gonna fish off a bottom fish they use their smell receptors to find the fish to find there what they’re eating so just think about what kind of fish you’re going after and what area they’re in in the water and that’ll tell you what kind of bait you need to use